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Hanson Spur Project

Hanson Aggregates is striving to meet surging construction demands across the Southeast. Sandersville Railroad’s plans for a new 4.5-mile spur connecting the quarry in Hancock County to the CSX rail line along GA Highway 16 will help Hanson Aggregates serve this market.


Sandersville Railroad Partners with Netflix for Train Scenes

January 2023 – The Sandersville Railroad was excited to partner with Netflix on the creation of the train scenes in White Noise. The tractor trailer crashing into a train carrying toxic chemicals and subsequent chemical leak and explosion steered the storyline in White Noise. Ben Tarbutton III, President of the Sandersville Railroad, stated “Working with Netflix and their tremendous professionals on the train scenes in White Noise was the most unique project in our 130-year history. Many thanks to Netflix for giving the Sandersville Railroad the opportunity to be a part of this production.”

Sandersville Railroad Welcomes Fowler Flemister Concrete

February 2023 - The Sandersville Railroad is proud to welcome Fowler Flemister Concrete as its newest customer. Sandersville is the seventh plant location for Fowler Flemister Concrete, and its first to be rail served. Through its network of plants Fowler Flemister is well positioned to serve the growing middle Georgia region. The Sandersville Railroad is excited to provide six day a week rail service to Fowler Flemister Concrete and to support their growing business.

Sandersville Railroad Fleet Adds 97 Hoppers

March 2023 - The Sandersville Railroad is excited to announce the addition of ninety-seven 5,161 cubic foot covered hoppers to its railcar fleet. The 1996 Trinity built cars were purchased and refurbished to support the Sandersville Railroad’s kaolin shippers. The covered hoppers are perfect for dry bulk kaolin moves, and the cars are able to handle maximum loadings of 286,000 lbs.

Sandersville Railroad Fleet Adds 125 Woodchip Cars

May 2023 – The Sandersville Railroad is excited to add 125 newly built Woodchip Cars to its existing fleet of cars. The FreightCar America built car is a steel 100-ton BethGon Woodchip car with 8200 cubic feet of capacity rated for 286,000 lbs. gross rail load for rotary dump service and has a Williams Hayward paint for a long-lasting protective coating. With these new Woodchip cars, the Sandersville Railroad has 400 woodchip cars available for its customers in Sandersville and for lease.
     The Sandersville Railroad wants to recognize and to specially thank the following team members for their service to ensure a quality build: Michael McGee with Rail Industry Specialist, Bryan Nutt with TNC Rail Engineering, Bob Cleator, Senior Vice President Sales for FreightCar America and Bill Delgado with Pro-Rail Inspections.

Woodchip Cars Dedicated to Jerry Grabiak

May 2023 – At the Sandersville Railroad’s Annual Shrimp Supper, Ben Tarbutton III, President of the Sandersville Railroad, was joined by other railroad employees and customers to dedicate the newly built 125 Woodchip Cars to Jerry Grabiak, Chief Mechanical Officer at the Sandersville Railroad. Jerry Grabiak began his career at the SAN in 1976 and took over as Chief Mechanical Officer from his father, Tony Grabiak, in 1990. For almost 50 years, Jerry Grabiak has been a faithful and loyal employee to the Sandersville Railroad and is known throughout the industry as a leader in rail fleet maintenance and rail mechanical matters. Thank you, Jerry Grabiak, for your dedicated years of service.

December 29, 2012

Sandersville carries Kaolin and More

Sandersville Railroad featured in Trains magazine, a broad spectrum railroading magazine for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the seasoned professional railroader.

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